i've got your wedding bells in my ear;
11:47 a.m. - 17-05-2009

cheers, darlin'
here's to you, and your loverboy
cheers, darlin'
i just hang around and eat from a can
cheers, darlin'
you gave me three cigarettes;
to smoke my tears away -

and i die,
when you mention her name
and i lied,
i should've kissed you
when we were running in the rain,

what am i darling?
a whisper in your ear,
a piece of your cake?
what am i darling?
the girl you can fear,
or your biggest mistake?

this is nothing new,
just another phase of finding

what i really need,
is what makes me bleed,
but like a new disease..
lord, she's still too young

look around;